Summer Stephens

Summer Stephens

Summer Stephens

Summer Stephens is a writer and a reader. She writes because she can’t dance, paint, draw, play the piano, or take a photo with all body parts intact and visible. She enjoys all those things when talented people do them, but she especially enjoys reading when talented people write.

In another life, she was an equine massage therapist and saddle fitter. She traveled a good bit of the time doing clinics and working around the country. When not traveling, she was busy in the barn. Every day. All the time. Never-ending. (Horse people know what this means.)

She is obsessed with coastal Georgia and northeast Florida history, and once read an interesting quote by Mike Dolan of Hawaiian Life: “Knowing the past makes you responsible as the caretaker for their story.” She loves to find an obscure but interesting person from the past, and re-construct their life and story. It thrills her to walk where they walked and go where they went.

Now Summer divides her time between home and St Augustine, FL, writes, studies Historic Preservation, and feeds her insatiable curiosity about, well, everything. She lives in the sticks in Central Georgia with her husband, six parrots, four horses, and four impossibly silly dogs.

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Summer’s SRP Titles:
Surviving Foaling Season – eBook
(Free in all formats at Smashwords)

Coming in 2015:
Neptune Point: Shoulder In
The first in a contemporary romance series set in Neptune Point, Florida.

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