Nancy Hare

Nancy Hare

Nancy Hare

Author Nancy Hare has never been cut in half by a stage magician, but that may be the only thing she hasn’t done. She has been a homemaker, mother, legal secretary, medical illustrator, 18-wheeler driver, public works office manager, and animal rescue crusader amongst many other occupations all over the map to keep child fed, but nothing illegal nor immoral— yet.

Her many talents include middle-of-the-night snake-shooting, coyote-chasing, emergency fence-building, and opening canned cat food with a can opener, vise grips and one hand (because the other was in a cast).

A native of middle Georgia, she grew up in a small town where everyone knew exactly how many skeletons were in everyone else’s closet, and animals as her best playmates (they’re much more civilized).

Nancy has attended five colleges but still doesn’t know what she wants to be when she finally grows up. She is well-known and loved in her community, and has one son who’s off and away doing what young men do. She spends her time reading, writing, volunteering in her town, helping out those in need, and caring for her multitude of rescued animals that includes many cats, several dogs, a flock of chickens, and an impossibly adorable donkey.

Everything she has done has led her to the Little Red Hen creativity philosophy which has stuck loyally throughout her zig-zag life.

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Blasting For Tomatoes – eBook
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Coming in 2015 – 
I Come From Crazy People

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