Elizabeth Sinclair

Elizabeth SIinclair

Elizabeth Sinclair

Author Elizabeth Sinclair’s books have won The National Reader’s Choice Award, The Anne Bonney Reader’s Choice Award, Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award, Maggie Award of Excellence, and placed in the Heart of Excellence.  She has also won a Gold Medal Top Pick from the Romantic Times Book Club.

Co-founder and member of the Ancient City Romance Authors of St. Augustine, FL, she is also a member of Romance Writers of America, RWA’s Kiss of Death Chapter and Sisters In Crime.  Elizabeth served as RWA’s Region 3 Director and chaired the 2001 RWA Annual Conference in New Orleans.

Elizabeth is well known for her Hawks Mountain series and her instructional book, THE DREADED SYNOPSIS. She shares her Florida home with her husband and their two furry children: Ripley, a Collie, and Miss Lily, a Golden Retriever.  Her human family has expanded to include five grandchildren and one great-granddaughter.

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Elizabeth’s SRP Titles:
Jenny’s Castle – eBook
Jenny’s Castle – print
  He had been Jenny Tyson’s first love, but he seemed a stranger now. Who was this forbidding man who made her tremble with wanting, even as she shivered at the hatred in his eyes? And what was the secret of his daughter—a heartbreakingly beautiful little girl who reminded her of the child she had lost?
  Or so her grandfather told her . . .
  That long-ago summer’s passion had marked Devin Montgomery forever. Jenny had abandoned him and their child. He’d found his baby, but lived all these years with revenge in his heart. Now he meant to see her suffer as he had suffered.
If only he could conquer the raw desire that surged within him at the sight of her.

Angel Unaware – eBook
Angel Unaware – print
  Dora DeAngelo is one of the most inept angels Heaven has ever had the misfortune to employ in the Celestial Maintenance Department.
 As a last result, Dora is sent to Earth. For the three weeks prior to Christmas, she must help a mortal family and then return to Heaven on Christmas Eve. During that time, she must help a man find his faith in family again, and his ability to trust in love. Dora must also help a little girl become a child again and get past the guilt she feels for the death of her parents. Doing so, Dora finds more than just a challenge in her questionable angel skills.
 Will Dora lose her wings? Or will she gain something she has always wanted with all her heart? Her family…and love. And the hope for a future she only dreamed of…

Eye Of The Dream – eBook
Eye Of The Dream – print
  Certain that her stoic, Native American husband no longer loved her, a pregnant Laura Kincaid walked out on him. Now, eight years later, her son is lost in the Arizona Canyon Country of the Navajo Reservation, and estranged husband, Kaine Cloudwalker, is the only one who can help her find the son he never knew he had.  Laura, who has never been able to erase the handsome Navajo from her heart, has no more desire to spend time alone with Kaine than he has to be with her, but the Navajo gods have a plan.
  Kaine and Laura must find their way back to each other and solidify their family before the days of the god Changing Woman are over. To do this, both of them must step into the Eye Of The Dream, accept Kaine’s Navajo heritage, renew their love and join forces. But as they journey deeper into the maze of canyons in search of the boy, their estrangement is not their only problem. There are forces other than natural that are just as determined that they will never find the boy alive or live to love again.

Miracle In The Mist – eBook
Miracle In The Mist – print
The Man . . . .
Child cancer doctor Steve Cameron has lost faith in himself, his professional skills and in the possibility of miracles. When a baglady in Central Park talks him into going to a cabin in the Hudson Highlands for a vacation, he has little hope that it will do any good. But this isn’t just any mountain cabin. 
The Woman . . . .
Waiting for Steve in the village is Healer, Meghan Peese, an enchantingly beautiful woman who, when she sees Steve, feels an attachment far beyond what she usually feels for her Assignments. Knowing she can never leave the village with her memory intact and knowing that Steve must eventually leave to fulfill his destiny, Meghan tries to fight her attraction to this broken man.
The Miracle . . .
 Love and the miracle they’re both been searching for awaits them. All they have to do is have the faith and trust to reach out for it.


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