Dolores J Wilson

Dolores Wilson

Dolores Wilson

Dolores J. Wilson was born a coal miner’s daughter in Morgantown, West Virginia. At age eleven, her family moved to Tampa, Florida. Quite a culture shock from that little coal mining town.

Her writing background consisted of a neighborhood newspaper she and her cousin published at age twelve. It was full of neighborhood gossip. Thank goodness the cousins were too young to be sued for slander. In junior high school, she wrote a few articles for the school newsletter, mostly food articles. Hence, the seeds for her love of writing and food were planted.

In Dolores’ first attempt at writing a novel, her hero was wimpy, her heroine was almost never in the story, and the actual writing left something to be desired. She had to do something. So began her journey of writing classes, RWA chapter meetings, and conferences. There she found an eclectic group who not only shared her passion for writing, but weren’t afraid to share the writing knowledge they had acquired along the way. Many years later, Dolores considers many of those writers as her best friends.

Dolores lives in northeast Florida with her husband. Her adult children (except for one in California) and nine grandchildren live very close to her.  She is the current President of Ancient City Romance Authors, St. Augustine, Florida.  She is celebrating the re-release of her Bertie Byrd-Fortney / Big Hair trilogy by Salt Run Publishing LLC.

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Dolores’ SRP Titles:
Big Hair & Flying Cows – eBook
Big Hair & Flying Cows – print

Barking Goats & The Redneck Mafia – eBook
Barking Goats & The Redneck Mafia – print

Jail Bertie & The Peanut Ladies – eBook
Jail Bertie  The Peanut Ladies – print

Little Big Heart – eBook

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